Mary Caparaso Mrozowski

Mary was a founding member of Chrysalis House, a contemplative community located in Warwick, New York that serves the larger community of the New York metropolitan area, as a place for deep spiritual work. She was one of the founding members of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. where she served as Executive Director for one year and then went on to serve on the Board of Directors from 1984 until the present time. She was a member of the National Faculty of the Contemplative Outreach, Ltd.


Prior to her work with Contemplative Outreach, Ltd., Mary was a vital spiritual force on Long Island as one of the founding members of the Divorced and Separated Catholics and the Beginning Experience. She was also a well-known leader of Bible Study and self-awareness groups. Mary also worked at the Brunswick Hospital for ten years.


Mary was an extraordinary woman that touched thousands of people all over the world with her deep spirituality and her deep love of God. She traveled to places like Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to Mexico and to Europe with a message of the ever-present love of God for all of us.


People were drawn to Mary’s openness and clarity of heart, her straightforward honesty and her deep love for the people of God. God’s children were her children and she served them with great 

I am where I need to be. Everything around me includes and hides the sacred.



- Mary Mrozowksi

enthusiasm and peace. She imparted a message that was so gentle yet profound which will be carried on by those she served.

Mary was a businesswoman and divorced mother of two adopted girls. She was a spiritual mother to so many in Contemplative Outreach. She was neither ordained nor formally educated. She never published anything. It was her life-story, her vibrancy and committment to Christ that qualified her in her charisma. As someone once said upon meeting her, “ I never thought I’d hear God speak with a Brooklyn accent.”


Mary passed away on October 18, 1993 in Georgetown, Colorado. She was away from home giving prayer workshops on a two-week tour of Colorado and Texas when she died suddenly at the home of a friend.


Mary was a beloved parent, friend, spiritual teacher and witness of the lay contemplative life to the Chrysalis House resident community, its extended family of friends and guests, and many others around the country and overseas who were touched by her life and 3 message. Her image on Chrysalis House at it’s inceptions and throughout its eight-year history was foundational and all-encompassing, Her affect on its spirituality, life and work will always be felt and cherished.